The 7 Roles of the COO: The Small Business Edition

 Here are the 7 roles of the COO as they relate to small businesses.

Posted by Kaplan Executive Search on Jan 3, 2019 3:54:36 PM

4 Tips for Conducting Effective Reference Checks

When done correctly, reference checks can tell you a lot about your candidates. Ensure you are conducting effective reference checks by following these 4 tips:

Posted by Adam Kaplan on Nov 27, 2018 1:49:14 PM

5 Elements of an Executive-Level Job Description

A well-crafted job description will make your recruiting efforts easier by helping to attract the right caliber of candidates. Outside of the responsibilities and requirements of the role, we think it is important to include these other three parts: 

Posted by Adam Kaplan on Nov 27, 2018 1:17:16 PM

5 Signs of an 'A' Player Candidate

The goal when recruiting is to find top performers that can help move your business forward. In order to prevent the cost of a bad hire, we have narrowed down a few things to take note of during the hiring process. With that, here are 5 signs your candidates may be 'A' players:

Posted by Adam Kaplan on Nov 27, 2018 12:41:14 PM

3 Important Traits of a Chief Operating Officer

As an executive search firm that specializes in recruiting for the Chief Operating Officer role, we have worked met a lot of different COOs. When a CEO uses our executive search recruiting services to hire a Chief Operating Officer, they are more than likely experiencing the pain of running their company without this key leader. The CEOs we partner with understand that they need to hire a COO whom they can rely on to help them achieve their vision.

Posted by Adam Kaplan on Nov 27, 2018 12:32:05 PM

3 Reasons Family Businesses Should Hire Outside Leaders

An outside leader can be instrumental in bringing in an unbiased perspective to a family business. Outside leaders bring fresh ideas to the table, incorporate best practices, and help create a leadership culture.

Posted by Adam Kaplan on Nov 6, 2018 4:08:45 PM

CEOs: 3 Tips on Building a Great Relationship With Your COO

In order to have a successful partnership with their Chief Operating Officer, CEOs should start by building a healthy foundation. Additionally, when CEOs, Visionaries, Business Owners, etc. set time aside for shared experiences and elevate their COO they are more likely to have a better relationship with their second-in-command over those that do not.

Posted by Adam Kaplan on Nov 6, 2018 3:45:16 PM

3 Tips on Integrating Your New Chief Operating Officer

Congratulations! You have hired a new COO. Now what? Here are three useful tips to help your new COO hit the ground running. Learn more about how creating a proper onboarding plan, holding back, and letting go will help build your new CEO/ COO relationship.

Posted by Adam Kaplan on Oct 17, 2018 6:54:26 AM

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