Mar 4, 2019

3 Signs it is Time to Hire an Integrator

If you are a CEO/ Visionary and you have encountered profitability and growth issues, as well as people and accountability troubles in your business you may consider hiring an integrator. In addition, once a Visionary has become exhausted and their work-life balance is not ideal, we strongly consider bringing in a right-hand individual to help move your business forward.

Maintaining both the Visionary and Integrator roles is not ideal for a long period of time, especially if your company is growing. 

Here are the three signs it is time to hire an Integrator:

03 - 3 Signs it is Time to Hire an Integrator


Next Steps:
  1. Download a copy of our Integrator job description template.
  2. Review our article: "Visionaries: Tips for Finding Your Integrator Match."
  3. Use these 10 Integrator interview questions to ensure your next Integrator hire is the right fit.

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