Considering a fraction integrator ?

As business owner or founder, you may be feeling stuck, frustrated, or overwhelmed with both running the operations and growing your business. Without the help of an Integrator in your business, you are left with priorities that may not fall within your unique ability® as a Visionary, which can cause the growth of your organization to plateau, or worse, go into reverse.

Regardless of the size, every organization needs someone sitting in the Integrator seat to move the company forward. This dedicated partner to the Visionary is responsible for overseeing the daily operations, ensuring the organization is consistently “rowing” together in the same direction. In doing so, this frees up the Visionary's time to focus on what he or she does best.

An Integrator is accountable for executing the business plan and holding people accountable to it. Additionally, you can expect an Integrator to:

  • Demonstrate a passion for values alignment, focus, simplicity, and clarity across the organization
  • Collaborate and stay on the same page with the Visionary at all times
  • Filter and translate the Visionary’s ideas into functional plans for the company
  • Develop comprehensive goals for performance and growth strategies
  • Effectively resolve issues - embrace healthy conflict and practically solve problems
  • Lead, manage and hold direct reports accountable for achieving agreed-upon commitments


Is your company is in need of a strong operational leader, but does not have the budget to hire a full-time Integrator? If so, then a Fractional Integrator might be the solution your organization is looking for. Fractional Integrators are embedded into your leadership team on a part-time basis and are 100% committed to the success of your organization.

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