Integrator and Leadership Team Search Services for Companies Running on EOS®

Ready to Hire an Integrator?

Having the right Integrator in place is your key to gaining traction as an organization.

As a Visionary, you are masterful at creating the future vision of your organization. However, without someone overseeing the day-to-day operations, how will your vision become reality?

Visionary Seeking Integrator

At Kaplan Executive Search we specialize in partnering with Visionaries to help them find their perfect Integrator match. From our experience, we understand that no two Visionary/ Integrator pairings are the same. Our mission is to get under the hood to really understand the Visionary, and his or her needs, as well as the organization - the people, processes, and systems already in place. In doing so, we are able to help the Visionary identify what he or she is looking for in their next Integrator.

5 Signs It Is Time to Hire an Integrator:

icons8-people-50 (2) People Issues Are Present

 icons8-account-50 (2)Growth Has Stopped or Slowed

icons8-schedule-50 (3) Time is Limited

icons8-error-50 (1)Lack of Execution

icons8-decrease-50 (1) Profits are Down

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The Perfect Fit, Guaranteed

How we get it done:

Step 1

We begin each search by getting to know the client's unique talent needs. As a puzzle piece has a unique pair, we specialize in finding the missing piece on your leadership team. Our team focuses on presenting candidates whose skills, temperament, and work style are complementary to the client and their leadership team.

Gather Intelligence and Administer Kolbe

During this step of the process, we interview those who know the CEO best, including leadership team members, line staff, and even the CEO’s spouse. The information we gather during these conversations helps us to develop and validate the search parameters. The Kolbe RightFit™ assessment is also introduced to find an appropriate “work style” match. 

Prepare Documents

Our team is busy preparing key documents, such as a position profile, search parameters, and a target list during this stage. The Range of Success™ report is prepared to ensure sourced candidates are in alignment with the goals and priorities of the role.

Step 2

We begin the recruiting process by developing a well-crafted research plan. Our team executes on this research plan to generate targeted lists of top performing candidates.

Present Benchmark Candidates

During this step of the process, we get qualified candidates in front of our CEOs and other decision makers quickly. A benchmark candidate is one whom we believe meets most of the candidate qualifications.  

Candidate Referrals

Our client then lets us know if we are on the mark; we refine, and then present more, and better, candidates. During this stage, the client will be actively interviewing top talent for their key leadership role.

Step 3

We spend time with our clients to help them determine their top and secondary choices. Our team will conduct detailed reference checks on the top candidate, and help develop a fair and competitive offer letter.

Candidate Reference Checks

Once final candidate(s) have been identified, we conduct structured reference checks. These discussions are used to probe key areas of the candidates’ background(s), and to validate their rankings.  Based on the information gathered from these calls, we discuss any issues that have surfaced with the candidate/ client and recommend next steps.

Develop Offer

The client selects finalists it wishes to pursue, and in what order during this stage. Our team at Kaplan Executive Search will assist the client in preparing an offer letter that is a win-win for both parties.

Step 4

We wrap-up the search by overseeing the negotiation process, as well as assisting in the development of the on-boarding plan. 


This is a critical phase in the process - for both the client, as well as the candidate. We help both parties come to an agreement during this stage and serve as an intermediary to work through all issues that may arise. 

Prepare for Candidate Start Date

It is crucial that the new hire tie up all loose ends in order to hit the ground running in his or her new position. During this step, we help finalize a start date that is comfortable for both the organization, as well as the individual. The team at Kaplan Executive Search will also work with the client to develop a successful on-boarding plan to ensure a seamless transition.

Looking to Hire Another Leadership Team Member?

Is your company running on EOS® and in need of a key leadership team member? We help recruit for the following major functions:

  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • IT
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