EOS® Integrator and Leadership Team Search Services

Looking to hire an integrator?

Having the right Integrator in place is your key to gaining traction as an organization

As a Visionary, you are masterful at creating the future vision of your organization. However, without someone overseeing the day-to-day operations, how will your vision become reality?

At Kaplan Executive Search we specialize in partnering with Visionaries to help them find their perfect Integrator match. From our experience, we understand that no two Visionary/ Integrator pairings are the same. Our mission is to get under the hood to really understand the Visionary, and his or her needs, as well as the organization - the people, processes, and systems already in place. In doing so, we are able to help the Visionary identify what he or she is looking for in their next Integrator.

We follow our 4-step process when placing an Integrator. During this process, we will recruit and evaluate a candidates experience to assess whether their skill set is best suited for the Integrator role at hand.

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