Chief Revenue Officer Recruiting Services

Are you ready to hire your next-level chief revenue officer?

Are you a business owner frustrated by stagnating growth? Are your Marketing and Sales departments always blaming the other side?  
If so, you may wish to consider bringing in a Chief Revenue Officer (“CRO”) into your organization. The CRO oversees the operations of Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success to maximize alignment and results.  


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Our Process

We are dedicated to recruiting exemplary Chief Revenue Officers that seamlessly integrate with our clients’ companies. To ensure a successful recruitment and onboarding process, we manage every single stage in the process including:

  • Understanding the company’s culture, mission, and goals
  • Analyzing the personalities of the CEO and other employees from top to bottom who will work with the CRO
  • Utilize the Kolbe RightFit™ Program (we staff an in-house Certified Kolbe Consultant)
  • Developing and refining an ideal candidate profile
  • Searching for and finding high-potential candidates
  • Conducting, coordinating, and planning for interviews
  • Assisting in the development of offer letters
  • Aid in candidate negotiation
  • Provide onboarding assistance
  • And more

Our executive search process provides your company with an excellent CRO hire with a minimal time-investment on your part. At the end of the day, our recruiting saves you time, money, and effort, all while supercharging your business with top talent. Contact us today to get started finding the perfect Chief Revenue Officer for your business.


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