Apr 11, 2019

Why Millennials are the Most Productive Generation

"They don’t have a work ethic, they will leave the company within two years, and they need recognition for all of their accomplishments". These are common misconceptions that people have about millennials, and their place in the workforce.

Based on recent studies, the reality is that Generation Y is far more productive than people think, perhaps even the most productive generation ever.

The Three Main Drivers of Millennial Productivity

1. Millennials know technology and how to use it to their advantage

It’s no doubt that technology can make our lives easier. Millennials, who are generally technology savvy and have spent most, if not all, of their lives using it, now how to utilize Google, YouTube, and other information sources to find a tutorial or track down information from a reliable source. This saves time in the workplace and gets to solutions faster than the trial and error approach taken by older generations.

2. Millennials are great at multi tasking

Due to their college indebtedness, many millennials have sought out extra income through the steadily developing gig-economy. Data published by Bankrate shows that over half of millennials are working on a side-hustle, a secondary source of income. Over half of millennials work on their side-hustle weekly, while 96% of millennials work on their side-gig at least once a month. Maintaining two or more jobs has taught millennials how to multitask.

3. Millennials demand work-life balance

Millennials emphasize the need for work-life balance from their employer. This is a plus from a productivity standpoint, as studies show that employees who perceive themselves to have a good work-life balance work 21 percent harder than those who have an unhealthy relationship between work and their personal life. The work-life balance they fight hard to obtain is key to preventing burnout, a factor that can have a major impact on productivity. This obvious spike in productivity is invaluable to employers.

While they get a bad reputation, Millennials are outperforming other generations

Millennials are the punchline of condescending office jokes and hold a reputation that doesn’t necessarily fit their individual work ethic. There are always a few bad apples but this generation’s productivity prowess has been ignored.

It’s time to ask yourself, what are you doing to cultivate a challenging environment millennials will thrive in? Are you the employer they want to move to or the one they’re ready to move past?

Millennials may have a reputation for moving from one job to the next, but they have high productivity and performance rates. This means that given the right work environment and company culture, a millennial can easily keep up with their more experienced counterparts if not exceed them productivity-wise altogether.

Do you need help locating top talent that brings the productivity of a millennial with the work experience of a baby boomer? We welcome you to schedule a complimentary Needs Assessment Call with our executive search team, to see if we can help.

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