Oct 9, 2018

Understanding Recruitment Marketing

For your company to succeed, you need to recruit the best talent. Are you able to attract the sharpest minds and most skilled professionals to each executive opening your firm has?

Recruitment marketing plays a vital role in the success of hiring top talent.

Did you know that an organization can develop strategy and tactics to build its employer brand and to attract job candidates to your company? As Jobvite says, “Just like your customers, the candidates that apply to jobs today have already done their research and made a decision on whether or not they would be willing to join your company.”

The experts have noted that companies are adopting consumer marketing strategies for recruiting because talent acquisition has become so competitive.

Here are some tips on how to incorporate strategies into your recruitment marketing.

Career Website

One way to attract candidates to your firm is to create a great career website. Jobvite cites the research that 45% of recruiters have mobile career websites (compared to 37% in 2015) because recruiters realize that this is an imperative.

You want your company’s career website to herald all the benefits of working at your firm: its great benefits, safe location, parking, café, proximity to services, and other employee amenities. You can add some quotes from satisfied employees to add the human touch to this recruiting tool.

According to a recent Talent Board survey, job seekers spend 1-4 hours researching a company, and 65% of them found the career site to be the most helpful resource. If you offer job candidates all the information about your company that they are seeking, it will encourage their interest, and whet their enthusiasm for working at your firm.

Assess Your Applicants

If you have established a strong employee value proposition, you will no doubt receive many applicants to executive job openings.

The HR Technologist says, “Talent analytics coupled with your trusty old companion – applicant tracking systems-- will help you evaluate the good-fits, the best-fits, and the misfits. Evaluation is crucial to building desired candidate personas with the right skills, experiences, and cultural fit. As you would expect, data plays a pivotal role in this process. Successful sourcing relies on having rich and updated databases, that can be used to rank and score candidates (like lead scoring in marketing).”

The LinkedIn blog Talent Solutions noted, “When you’re collecting data on recruitment, it may come from many different sources. A career site platform can help by centralizing those data points and reducing the number of sources that are providing you with data.

“You can leverage a career site platform to make the data you are collecting easy to organize and analyze.” Talent Solutions cites career site platform technologies Phenom People, Smashfly, and Clinch as good examples.

“Career site platforms can centralize the user experience, including the job search and the application process, making it easier to produce accurate data that you can analyze,” Talent Solutions noted.

Target Audience Profiles

Have you written a profile for the ideal Chief Operating Officer at your firm? In addition to a good profile, you want to segment your target audience. In other words, you want to break your audience into various groups of people. If you segment your audiences by groups, such as “executive in professional services,” or “experienced operations professional,” you can narrow a talent pool down specifically.

Because talent acquisition is so important to companies today, you want to keep good candidates in the pipeline. Once again, data analytics will play a crucial role in keeping track of the applicants and their skills. If your opening for a Chief Operating Officer came down to two excellent candidates, make sure that you keep a file on the candidate you did not hire. You do not know what opportunities might emerge in your firm for this person in the future.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is an essential piece of a recruitment marketing strategy. The says, “…smart Talent Acquisition groups are using programmatic ad buying and retargeting strategies to stay in front of their job seekers.”

Digital advertising makes perfect sense. You promote your company and your products digitally, so why wouldn’t you want to announce the opportunities you have for savvy individuals to grow, fulfill their potential, and contribute to your firm?

Conclusion - Combined Tactics

In an interview in SHRM, SmashFly’s Mike Hennessy said, “Recruitment marketing is every tactic—including content marketing, email nurturing, social recruiting, mobile recruiting, the careers site, SEO (search engine optimization), employee referrals, talent networks, job marketing, employer branding, recruiting events, recruiting analytics and candidate relationship management(CRM).”

Hennessy noted that organizations that employ recruitment marketing techniques could generate three times more leads, 10 percent greater revenue, and a 100 percent higher close rate.

New forms of communication have not supplanted the job advertising of old. Hennessy noted that social media, search, mobile, online communities, CRM and SMS (text messaging) lead nurturing are all important in recruiting top candidates to a company.

It’s time your business took a look at many emerging channels to find which ones your potential candidates use, and where you can best deliver your message about your job opportunities. The marriage of the new technologies with the tried-and-true methods of hiring and recruitment now facilitates faster and more accurate recruitment. Your company should be using the many channels currently available to HR professionals to stay one step ahead of the competition.





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