Jun 11, 2018

Executive Search in the Cannabis Industry

A new treatment derived from the cannabis plant is showing promise for a host of health problems, and is thus getting a lot of attention from entrepreneurs and investors who are excited about its potential to bring in $16 billion in revenue in 2020.

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Growth-stage extraction companies like Precision Extraction Solutions in metropolitan Detroit are early leaders in the industry. CEO Marc Beginin realized that he needed an operation leader as his company has more than doubled its revenue each of the last three years.

“I needed a bad-ass COO to scale the business,” he said. He knew he couldn’t find this person himself, so he turned to Kaplan Executive Search.

Save time with this checklist for hiring an Executive Search Firm.

In under two months, Kaplan Executive Search delivered Steve Tarr, a distinctive COO who moved from Florida, where he worked for a $500 million public company, to Michigan.

 “I see the potential of the cannabis industry and I wanted to play a role in its growth,” Tarr said. “When Adam Kaplan, CEO of Kaplan Executive Search, reached out to me, I knew this was an opportunity worth pursuing. After my visit to Detroit a week later, I knew Precision was the place for me.”

How to Recruit in an Emerging Growth Industry

As legalization of cannabis becomes pervasive in the United States, and as awareness of CBDs and their uses in specific medical application and general wellness grows, the industry will continue to thrive. This acceleration, aided by advancements in technology, improved logistics, and growing systems, will require top talent on the part of industry leaders. Already there was a 445% increase in job opportunities in the industry in 2017 over the previous year, according to ZipRecruiter.

What to Consider When Hiring a Cannabis Search Firm

If you are concerned about how to run your fast-growing Cannabis business, or want to start a new one, please contact Kaplan Executive Search. We will tailor our process to help you find the operations leader you need to move your business forward.

For more information, check out this blog post on What to Consider When Hiring an Executive Search Firm. Additionally, a 30-minute consultation with one of our Executive Search Consultants today to learn more.

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