Sep 14, 2017

What about Jan? Generation X in the Workplace

An article by Mary Donohue published in the Huffington Post positions Generation X as the Jan Brady of the workforce. In Brady Bunch terms, Marcia is moving out, Cindy’s still in grade school, so it’s Jan’s turn.  But are Jan and her Gen X counterparts ready, and what do they want?

Like their Millennial brethren, Gen X’ers have abandoned the “job for life” mentality, want more job enrichment and skill acquisition, and are turning their passions into side hustles. And both groups have job satisfaction, flex time, and work/life balance on their want lists.

However, their career stage presents some unique challenges. Their work life has consisted of more recessions than the previous two generations. They’ve learned from Baby Boomers and are mentoring Millennials. And according to a recent study, the stress is exhausting them.

Will Gen X-ers push through the stress and assume leadership roles from the Baby Boomers that are still out of reach for most millennials?  

What are you doing to ensure that transfer of cultural capital from Boomers to Gen-X? How will the wants and preferences of Gen-X influence culture as Boomers ride off into the sunset?


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