Mar 14, 2017

What is one Meeting you Can't Reschedule?

As Chief Executive Officers, you attend a lot of meetings. Sometimes it can feel as if you attend too many. As a result, some meetings must be rescheduled because of time constraints.

Which meetings do you prioritize? The short answer is that you should always keep performance reviews on the calendar.


Because your employees have probably been anticipating (and perhaps worrying) about these meetings for some time. Rescheduling meetings with your own employees is a let down to them, and can cause them additional stress. This stress distracts them from work and hinders their performance on tasks.

So, how do you avoid rescheduling performance reviews?

Check both of your schedules and find a time during the week where you both are usually free. That way, something should not come up during this time. You can also mark yourself as out of the office and let your secretary or assistant know that you should not be disturbed during this meeting and that it is a priority.

In short, make sure your employees are your priority. It will lead to greater success.

Special thanks to Cyndi Gave for her article that inspired this post.


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