Feb 7, 2017

Nasty Bankruptcy: Why a Founder’s Brand is not Enough to Build a Great and Lasting Business

Reminiscent of its .com flopping predecessors, Nasty Gal filed for bankruptcy late last year after raising tens of millions in venture capital. It was a fantastic fall from grace for the company. Yet the brand of its founder Sophia Amoruso lives on - through her best selling book, a popular podcast, and a new Netflix TV series. 

This divergence between company and founder success can teach entrepreneurial CEOs some important lessons:

  1. A company is not its founder - and must take on an identity all its own in order to be sustainable
  2. There is no substitute for good, old fashioned business practices
  3. Growth needs to be properly managed in order to be sustainable

COO’s can help an entrepreneurial CEO grow the right way - and stay out of bankruptcy court!


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