Oct 23, 2017

5 Morale Boosting Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

So maybe your culture isn’t toxic, but you see the signs that things aren’t quite right. Long faces line the halls. Maybe productivity is in a lull.

What can you do to right the ship before it gets worse?

Every culture needs a recharge from time to time. Sometimes the money is there for raises or bonuses. But what can you do when it’s not?

Here are a few ways to boost morale without breaking the budget:

1. Employee Recognition

Being called out for doing something well...there are few greater feelings at work. Make a habit of telling the group when a person or a team has truly delivered. Even a sincere “nice job” can do a world of good for morale.

2. Promote from Within

Employees who don’t see a next step may become demoralized and start to look elsewhere. Cultivate your current talent. Ask them what they want to do next and support it through mentoring, training, or career-pathing. 

3. Reconsider the Fringe

Providing low-cost perks to employees to show your commitment to their well-being. Some companies have offered monthly massages. You can also provide a wellness allowance for employees to let them decide how to take care of themselves.

4. Mix it Up

Have your next staff meeting in a different location, and pair it with a fun activity that promotes camaraderie and friendly competition. Or provide an unexpected treat on a typical Wednesday afternoon.

5. Encourage Idea Sharing

Employees who think their input doesn’t matter lose morale over time. Your employees are often the best sources for process improvements and innovation. Make sure they know you’re listening. Better yet, implement the good ones and recognize the person or team who suggested it.

How do you know when morale is flagging? How do you turn it around? What other benefits have you realized from paying attention to employees?

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