Dec 21, 2015

Do Sellers Think Enough about Buyers?

I recently read the book Lean Selling by Robert Pryor. It was different than any other Sales Book I have ever read because it really wasn't about selling but about buying and the buying process.   

How many of us who are in sales are taught to "go for the close", "seal the deal", or "win the business." These directives imply that the salesperson is acting upon some malleable individual who is waiting for you to save him or her from a perpetual state of analysis/ paralysis.

Understanding Today's Buyers

The reality couldn't be further from the truth. Buyers today are more educated, savvy, prepared than ever before. This is true of both business to business and business to consumer purchasers in any domain. What buyers need (and expect) is someone who will meet them where they are in their buying process and take them on productive and minimally painful purchasing journey. 

In short, buyers have a process (created by them, not by the salesperson) they need to go through to buy.  Salespeople need to apply lean principles to understand that process and make it as frictionless as possible for buyers who are willing partners. Only those salespeople who put the needs of buyers ahead of their own will reap the rewards in the Buyer Economy.


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