Jun 12, 2018

10 Must-Follow Blogs for Every Lower Middle Market Business Owner

10 blogs for small business ownersAs an owner of a growing small business, being in the “know” is crucial to running a successful company.

However, in a changing business world that is growing and developing rapidly, what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. But how can you possibly keep track of all these changes without wasting time?

The answer: blogs.

Blogs will allow you to read and peruse hundreds of posts on topics created specifically for business owners. What’s more, they are constantly updated so you never get left behind when it comes to staying updated on the most important business topics.

Which blogs should you follow, though? To make your life easier, I have created a list of 10 Blogs I find most helpful as a business owner.

Here are My Top 10 Blogs for Lower middle market Business Owners

1. Entrepreneurs Organization

A group created for the entrepreneur, EO focuses on connecting business owners so that they can learn and grow together.  As a member of EO myself, I have learned many best practices to implement in my business and made some lasting connections with other entrepreneurs.

The EO Octane blog contains lots of advice and tips on a variety of topics, like growing your business and best practices for leadership.  

2. Small Giants

Small Giants is a community of small to midsize companies that have chosen to be great, rather than just large. Leaders in the Small Giant community are passionate about growing their business through purpose.

The Small Giants blog delivers content centered around their mission of purpose-driven leadership. When you subscribe to this blog, you will be sure to learn something that you can implement for the greater good within your organization.

3. EOS

EOS® or the Entrepreneurial Operating System, is a set of simple concepts and tools to help entrepreneurs achieve their vision. Having worked with a lot of Visionaries and Integrators of EOS companies in the past, I can tell you that EOS companies are consistent, accountable, and have systems of efficiency in place to gain traction.

The EOS® blog unleashes information on how to get the most from your business. Subscribers receive helpful information on culture, teams, and accountability.

4. HubSpot

Created to empower the entrepreneurial business marketer, HubSpot employs the tools needed for these organizations to grow their business through inbound marketing. As a subject matter expert, HubSpot is constantly releasing new research, data, reports, and even offers free training.

HubSpot’s blog provides insightful content and offers great how-to’s catered towards inbound marketing. These posts are highly engaging, you are guaranteed to learn a thing or two about using inbound marketing to generate, convert, and close new business leads.

5. Google Small Business

There’s no denying that the internet plays an ever growing role for small businesses today. Who better to give insight into this arena than Google? The Google Small Business blog offers workshops via livestream or local viewing party, free of charge, that cover all kinds issues that small to midsize businesses face with their online presence.

The posts as well as the workshops are from the best people and organizations in the industry. The blog is very clean and straight to the point, much like the Google we all know and love.


SHRM, or the Society for Human Resource Management, is an organization that promotes human resources as a profession. The SHRM blog is great because it has a lot of variety. The topics, writers, and guests are always different and there are years of archives for you to find things that interest you.

I have found many experts I otherwise never would have heard of through the SHRM blog posts and guest interviews. The writers often have their own Podcasts or websites that you can follow if you are interested in their avenue.

7. Kabbage

Kabbage is a business lender that focuses on making the loan process quick and simple. As a larger company, they also offer many additional resources for business owners, one of them being the Kabbage Blog. I enjoy this blog because it can discuss difficult and complicated subjects without getting too boring or technical.

While most of their posts focus on very practical, everyday business issues, they do cover some general, big picture stuff as well. You can also filter posts to find the most relevant to you by selecting different business goals.

8. The Resourceful CEO

The Resourceful CEO focuses on teaching small to midsize business owners how to build and maintain a strong internal structure for their business. They offer courses that go in-depth on the more complex topics, like financing and gross profit.

The Resourceful CEO blog is humorous and fun to read. The author, Tiffany Wright, is blunt and to the point - perfect for middle market business owners. The blog contains some content from other sites and occasional presentations. Simply sign up and the newsletter will be in your inbox each month.

9. Forbes: Small Business

Anyone in the business world is very familiar with Forbes and the credibility that they’ve attained. Forbes has written on almost every topic imaginable and has created a specific section for us: the Forbes Small Business Blog.

This Forbes blog contains many pieces on tips and things you should know as a business owner in the lower middle market. While I enjoy reading through the relevant ones, my favorite part about this blog is the stories. It is awesome to hear so many success stories and see all the new and innovative ideas that are out there.

10. Small Business Bonfire

Small Business Bonfire is a community designed for entrepreneurs to network and share their ideas with others. When you become a member, you create a business profile where others can see what your business is about and link up with you directly or via your blog, Twitter, etc. if you choose to provide that information.

The Small Business Bonfire Blog features hundreds of posts on topics that every business owner needs to know. They also have a page where you can read blogs that community members have written themselves. The networking and community atmosphere is unique and really helpful.

One of the biggest tools for business owners is other business owners. Blogs offer a great way for you to meet others, hear their stories, and share your own. They will also ensure that you stay in the loop and don’t miss any big opportunities.

Do you have your own favorite blogs?  Please share them with us. We also love to use guest bloggers, so if you have any interest, please let us know by sending us an email to



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