Nov 16, 2017

6 Tactics to Making 2018 Your Best Year Yet

With 2017 nearly in the books, it’s time to start thinking about next year. Do you want to continue your momentum? Avoid 2017’s missteps? Create a stronger work-life balance? 

Here are six tips to help you (and your business) thrive in 2018:

Make Business Planning Continuous. Mid-year or year-end is a long time to wait to assess what is working and what isn’t. Consider adding progress evaluation on a monthly or weekly basis to stay on track.  You may also benefit from joining an “accountability group” of peers to help you achieve your goals.

Make Time for Yourself. Taking care of yourself can be a hard pattern to set. Use your calendar to set a meeting with yourself. Don’t feel selfish; the time you invest in yourself will actually make you more productive in your career. 

Learn Something New. The benefits of learning something new, business-related or not, are plentiful. Taking a class can help you cultivate a new skill or hobby, and maybe introduce you to new clients or friends. 

Find a New Organization or Networking Group. Peers can spark new ideas and help you improve upon old ones. Refreshing your social circles is a great way for you to give back by sharing your industry-related knowledge.

Get Something You Need for Work. It could be an assistant, a replacement of a malfunctioning piece of equipment, or a new one that will make life easier. Removal of obstacles or frustrations is a worthy investment. 

Give Back. Find a cause or activity that you’re passionate about and carve out some time for it. Become a mentor. Join a committee. It will energize you and might help you create new connections. 

It can be tempting to shut out the rest of life to focus on work. But taking time to stay in balance and to reflect are the very actions that will help you keep yourself in peak performance. 

Which of these six tips will you implement in 2018? 

Happy New Year!