Retained Executive Search Reimagined.

We partner with CEOs and Visionaries of growing private and EOS® companies who are frustrated by working too many hours, concerned by company performance, angry at lack of team member accountability, and worried that they will not hit their overall business goals. Our specialty is recruiting Chief Operating Officers, Integrators, Chief Revenue Officers, and other Leadership Team members.  We serve private and EOS® companies, service businesses, and franchisors.  

Our CEO, Adam Kaplan, oversees the entire search process, recruiting better people faster. This saves organizations the massive opportunity costs, time and effort involved in recruiting for these key positions themselves, and helps propel their businesses forward faster and more profitably.

When do you need to hire an Executive Search firm?

  • Your business is accelerating and key talent is needed to sustain that growth
  • Your expenses are rising faster than revenues and operational talent is required to improve processes

  • You lack an understanding of the key performance indicators for your business and need financial talent to assess and then measure

  • A key executive level position has been vacant for months or years with little progress on making a hire
  • A top employee left abruptly, and you were unprepared for his or her departure

  • You have your eyes on competitive talent but don't want to be on the hook for "poaching" others for fear of creating a disruptive "talent war"


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Why Kaplan Executive Search?

  • Expertise: We specialize in recruiting Chief Operating Officers and Integrators. Our CEO, Adam Kaplan was a COO prior to founding Kaplan Executive Search in 2011.
  • EOS® Hiring Process Alignment: We incorporate your core values into the hiring process. Candidates are evaluated for cultural fit before skills.
  • Fixed-Fee Engagement: As a boutique executive search firm, we offer our services on a fixed-fee basis.
  • Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes: Our in-house Certified Kolbe™ Consultant will take each candidate through the RightFit™ process. The Kolbe RightFit™ program takes the guessing out of how an individual will actually perform.

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“Adam has done a great job and was worth every penny on this engagement. The amount of communication and insight he provided was truly impressive.”
— Edmond Delude, CEO, E7 Solutions
I hired Adam Kaplan to lead a national search for a VP – Sales at my company, CRDN. Within 90 days, I was interviewing three highly qualified candidates and soon thereafter I had my person. Adam owned the recruitment and negotiation process 100%. I highly recommend Adam to business owners who want a professional recruiter to do their searches right.
— Wayne Wudyka, CEO, CRDN (#1 Textile Restoration Company in the US)
Textile Restoration Company in the US
Many thanks for coming through with an exceptionally well qualified company…You not only found a company with the appropriate culture, but a company who I would consider to be the “best-of-the-best” in their industry. I cannot thank you enough for your rare talent in successfully recruiting superior firms, for superior candidates. Similar to the company you recommended for me, you are also the “best-of-the-best.”
— Michael Richards, Inside Sales Manager, Online Tech, Ann Arbor, MI
Adam took the time to really understand the role and our company so he could tailor his search for the “right” candidate to fill a role at Zoup! The final selection was an ideal candidate who has exceeded our expectations and we are very happy with the service Adam provided. We plan to use Adam again for future talent searches.
— Richard Simtob, President, Zoup!, Southfield, MI