May 14, 2019

Retained Versus Contingent Search Firms

Are you questioning whether you should partner with a retained or a contingent search firm? In this video, our CEO/ Search Lead, Adam Kaplan discusses the main differences between the two agencies and which one is right for your business.

The Difference Between Retained and Contingent Search


Retained searches are exclusive, and most often used for higher level searches. A retained model allows the search consultant to spend more time understanding the client business and needs. These searches are typically charged on a flat fee basis or a percentage of first year's salary for the new hire.


Contingent searches allow the client to work with multiple recruiting agencies. These searches are very competitive as there is more pressure to present a candidate sooner, rather than later. Contingent searches are best suited for lower level positions. 

08 - What is the Difference between Retained Executive Search and Contingent Firms


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