Jul 29, 2019

Four Reasons For Hiring Purpose-Driven Cannabis Leaders

Companies that are Purpose-driven are more likely to outperform their competitors and have employees that are happier, as well as more engaged.

Why Hire Purpose-Driven Cannabis Leaders:

  1. Culture: Purpose-driven leaders are more likely to attract and retain loyal and committed employees. Employees are more likely to be innovative since the concept of taking risks is openly accepted.  
  2. Customers: Customers care about employer / employee relations. Clients are more likely to do repeat business with the companies that are known for their corporate social responsibility efforts.
  3. Community: Cannabis companies should give back to their local community to show their gratitude for being accepted in their midst. In addition, it is good form to support the community which your business operates and most of your employees reside.
  4. Company success: When purpose-driven cannabis leaders build better teams, focus on customers, and take care of the community, they will in turn create a more profitable businesses.
1-Canibis Purpose Driven
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