Our 10-step process gets results. Note that the timing is an estimate based on past experience; we will tailor the timing to your specific engagement.


Gather Intelligence and Administer Kolbe

Pre-Search, Weeks 1

  • Develop & validate search parameters
  • Interview leadership team members
  • Review key client documents
  • Complete Kolbe Indexes

Range of Success™ Reporting and Job Description

Weeks 1 - 2

  • Generate a Range of Success™ for the role
  • Prepare a comprehensive job description and design a visual representation
  • Establish a target list

Generate Leads, Qualify Prospects, and Present Benchmark Candidate

Weeks 3 - 6

  • Actively reach out to our talent and relationship networks
  • Generate a list of candidates and track prospects
  • Conduct an initial assessment on the candidate’s
  • Present benchmark candidate(s)

Develop & Validate Candidate Short List

Weeks 4 - 7

  • Presentation of "right fit" candidates based on benchmarking feedback
  • If determined to move forward, onsite interviews to be conducted for benchmark candidate(s)

Validate Finalist Candidate Profiles & Schedule Interviews

Week 7 - 8

  • Schedule face-to-face interviews
  • Prepare interview guide
  • Administer client preferred assessment if necessary

Debrief and Conduct Reference Checks

Weeks 8 - 9

  • Brief client of key aspects of each finalist
  • Prepare each finalist for interviews
  • Depending on client needs, sit in on interview to facilitate the process
  • Debrief after interviews are complete
  • Conduct reference checks

Determine Order of Finalist Preference & Develop Offer

Weeks 9 - 10

  • Client selects finalists it wishes to pursue, and in what order
  • Assist the client in preparing offer letter that is appealing to both parties

Negotiate / Close Search

Weeks 10 - 12

  • Assist the client and finalist in coming to agreement
  • Act as an intermediary for both parties to get to “yes”

Prepare for Candidate Start Date

Week 13 +

  • Assist in making a seamless transition for candidate to join client’s organization
  • Act as resource for candidate in preparing for new role

Candidate Onboard

Week 14 +

  • It’s the candidate’s first day on the job!
  • Celebrate the onboarding of the candidate!