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Diane O'Brien

Diane O'Brien  has been partnering with CEO's & COO's for over a decade. Whether she's helping a small business CEO hire their first crucial role- their COO, or whether she's helping them hire their first sales team.  Diane began recruiting in 2000, and started her first recruiting business in 2003.  She has hired for Fortune 100's such as GE Healthcare, Siemens, IBM, and other blue chip companies, as well as hiring for the smaller start-ups seeking growth and recruiting advisement.  She has made hundreds of placements spanning various industries including IT, CleanTech, Healthcare, Finance & Accounting, Insurance, EOS, Cannabis & HR to name a few.

Diane has been hiring on national searches throughout her career, yet also serves in that boutique recruiting feel when local assistance is needed. She is based out of Philadelphia, working remotely, but understands the hiring nuances and culture shifts of hiring a Fortune 500 New York COO versus a startup's 'Integrator'  in Palo Alto.  She understands that trust and culture-fit are everything in a successful search.  Diane was one of the first headhunters to pioneer video interviewing back in 2000, before it became common place to do so, and has written a book on headhunting.  She continues to utilize all cutting edge recruiting tools to give clients the fastest and most effective recruiting methods available. Diane works on a referral basis only, partnering with the top executive firms in the country, often seeking her help on the 'harder' searches.  

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