COO Hiring Assurance Services

Providing an independent assessment of your final Chief Operating Officer candidate. Hire your COO with confidence!

Chief Operating Officer Hiring Assurance Services

Are you hiring a Chief Operating Officer?  Do you have an internal candidate whom you are considering promoting? Maybe your internal team has sourced an outside candidate, and you'd like an unbiased expert to help with the final selection process.
Our Chief Operating Officer Hiring Assurance Services are offered to organizations as a vetting process for final COO candidate(s).

What's Included:

  • Review COO job description. 
  • Conversation with the CEO to understand position expectations, goals, etc. 
  • Review candidate background to ensure final candidate has the right mix of skills and experience to perform in the role
  • Interview with candidate
  • Employ Kolbe RightFit™ assessment for hiring and selection
  • Conduct candidate reference checks
  • Consult on offer letter and provide negotiation support
  • Prepare and deliver final candidate assessment
  • Will apply fee to any retained search over the following 12-month period

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Why Kaplan?

Adam Kaplan , CEO and Founder of Kaplan Executive Search specializes in recruiting Chief Operating Officers. Formerly a COO for a Private Equity-backed company, Adam has experience in the role and understands the impact a COO can have on a business.

Additionally, Adam is the Chapter Director of the Detroit COO Forum, where he leads a peer development group for these second-in-command leaders.

Prior to his tenure at Kaplan Executive Search, and his time as COO, Adam served as an organizational design consultant at PwC. At PwC, Adam helped Fortune 1000 companies make the most out of their people investments.


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Three Reasons to Partner With an Executive Search Consultant

In this video, our CEO and Search Consultant, Adam Kaplan explains how an Executive Search Consultant can help with your COO search.

"Adam helped me find the right COO after I screwed up the first two times. He's definitely a great CEO / COO matchmaker."
John Akhoian
CEO, Rooter Hero Plumbing
"Adam and his team of professionals really to the time to understand our business and culture in sourcing a world-class COO for Atlas!"
Bob Kenyon
President, Atlas Oil