Sep 11, 2019

The 5 Must-Have Apps for Busy Entrepreneurs

Busy CEOs and entrepreneurs need tools and apps that add efficiency and organization to their on-the-go lifestyles. From sharpening your skills to staying connected with your team, there are many apps and services out there that can help you get organized and manage your business with ease.

Given the category saturation, we have identified five productivity apps that busy entrepreneurs and CEOs should include in their toolkit.

1. Todoist

Your mind is likely filled with short-term and long-term strategic goals, as well as daily tactical matters. From simple tasks to high-level priorities, Todoist helps you stay organized. Easily make note of to-do’s as they arise throughout your day from any device.

Todoist will help you stay organized with its more than 70 integrations with Google Drive, Google Maps, Slack, WebEx, email applications and so much more. With reminders that go from a notification to the application you need to complete the task within, you’ll appreciate these seamless integrations to accomplish your to-do list in less time.

You can start your day with a review of everything that’s due and build reminders for upcoming tasks you don’t want to forget. Plus, you can set your reminders as recurring, such as weekly. You can also choose to look at a week-long view to see upcoming tasks on your to-do list.

With color-coding to help you see what’s most important and milestones within larger projects, you’ll free up so much space to think about how to grow your business.

2. 12min

Read one micro book a day in just 12 minutes - a great concept for busy, yet avid learning CEOs! A team of experts synthesizes the books and boils them down to only the must-know facts and statistics so that you can absorb it quickly.

12min provides both transcripts, as well as audio formats. Short enough to turn your daily commute into a learning session. There are hundreds of book titles currently on the app and the team adds one new book each day! All titles are non-fiction to make sure those 12 minutes are a good use of your time.

3. Slack

Collaborate seamlessly with your team without having to text or email them. Slack puts instant messaging at your fingertips but with document collaboration capabilities and calendar integration.

Your colleagues will be able to tell when you’re in a meeting or out of the office, so they know when to message you on Slack. With the G Suite integration, you can easily move files from email attachments or Google Drive into Slack for communicating and collaborating.

Manage multiple channels so that you can have different team conversations and get the right people in the right virtual room for a conversation. And if you can’t remember where a conversation happened, you can use the searchable history to find it or a file you need to reference. For the busy entrepreneur, this simple collaboration can add time back into your day.

4. Expensify

Expensify allows you to manage the expense reimbursement process from anywhere without paper or complicated data entry. The application allows you to scan a receipt and automatically submit it for reimbursement. It then either puts the expense through an approval process or automatically approves it if it falls under your preset thresholds.

For busy entrepreneurs, this means faster documentation of expenses for both you and your team. You’ll only see the expenses you preset and decide you want to see from your staff. Small lunches or parking fees can go directly through so that your team gets reimbursed within 24 hours via ACH.

Plus, because it’s a real-time system, you can see your expenses and manage your finances from anywhere at any time. The application syncs with the major accounting systems, such as Oracle, Netsuite, and QuickBooks. Your receipts from digital sources can also auto-import into Expensify so there’s less work on your end.

5. Headspace

The stress of everything you have to get done as a busy entrepreneur or CEO is overwhelming. All that stress can build up and make it difficult for you to do your job effectively or turn off the chaos of work to enjoy a relaxing evening with family or friends.

Headspace helps you relieve stress and center yourself through guided meditation sessions. The sessions are short and bite-sized to match your busy schedule. Meditation can help your focus too, so use Headspace before an important meeting or before launching into a new project. Meditation can also help you connect to and be more compassionate with your employees.


Do you have a favorite app that didn’t make the list? Please share them with us by commenting in the section below!

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